My Favourite Mario is a bloke that I have known for a while. I meet him often at different tracks, and he takes quite shots different from others. He’s a very cool guy. One of the very best European painter and artist, that’s for sure, and above all the nicest! No hassle no haggle, always right in time, working with them is a real pleasure. So, if you need a piece of work on your helmet… you have the address now! It is a raid that we organized with my father and a friend in the Tunisian desert, for people eager to escape for a few moments in the sun and to thrill themselves with small dream machines (quad or buggy). See you all there! That’s a very cool website, where F1 news are written by professionals. Added to that you can find great features and interviews, that is the best F1 website I know. Alpinestars are the guys who supply us: driver gears, gloves, and all the F1 driver accessories. For me, Alpinestars is mainly PJ, a great bloke, so cool, with whom I have a lot of fun at each round of the championship. Do you know Carhartt? Well, this is a good occasion to discover them as they are one of the leaders in streetwear.

The Blue Hour: Sun, The art of living, Relaxing, you’ll find everything! A State of the art hotel in Essaouira. “I met these guys almost two years ago, and we started to work together. Their site is good, and so are their products! Go see for yourself!”